Amadeus Offers makes procedures easier and helps Aerotour to increase sales

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Largest travel agency in Honduras, Aerotour uses Amadeus’ technology since the early distribution systems created by the company. Very close to complete 25 years, the agency keeps using the best technology solutions provider for the industry and has modernized its customer service with constant product updates. Amadeus Offers is the latest successful story in this partnership.

Aerotour’s fidelity to Amadeus has yielded good outcomes for the agency. It began this long story with the GDS at the System One era, in 1990. Currently, 80% of all businesses made by the agency are corporate travels, and the company seeks to further establish its presence in this market and increase leisure. As Carlson Wagonlit’s representative in Honduras, Aerotour has the mission to always stay updated to the best existing technologies.


This relentless pursuit to improve processes and sales meant the agency would add Offers to its products. As Amadeus has always helped the company to achieve its goals, managers had no doubts in using this new device.

Amadeus Offers is an evolved system to provide purchasing options to customers. The user receives the best rates available in a personalized way. When they decide what they want, the agent verifies the validity of the price and then issue the ticket in a brief time compared to the former processes.

Getting used to Amadeus Offers was not difficult for Aerotour, since it makes the selling much easier.

Evie Rietti“Amadeus Offers allows us to give a faster reply to our customers. Being a corporate agency, we need to provide fast answers and offer three travel options, if possible. With Amadeus Offers, we can create these three alternatives without generating bookings. For employees, it is also an important benefit to have Amadeus Offers, because everything is easier. They save time and create scripts without making reservations. That’s why I love Offers”, said Evie Rietti, Corporate Accounts manager.

For an agency focused in corporate travelers, the way the offers are presented to the customer is essential to increase sales and gain loyalty. So, it was a crucial factor for them to choose the Amadeus Offers.

Implementation and financial benefits

All products in Amadeus aim to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Having achieved the first goal, Aerotour wanted to experience profitability growth, which did not take too long to appear.

“Since the implementation of Amadeus Offers, we’ve experienced a sale increase, because to work faster means one has the ability to continue selling every time”, said Evie. “Amadeus Offers is a very friendly and intelligent tool. It is great to have a practical solution and several alternatives to a single destination. It is also great that, with one single input, we generate choices to send to our clients.”

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