Swiss Andina pleases customers with self-booking solution

Logo swiss-andinaWith a strong presence in Colombia for more than 13 years, Swiss Andina Turismo S.A. is a Colombian-Swiss agency with 100 employees in Bogotá and Medellín. Specialized in the corporate sector, it has chosen this type of clients to implement a self-booking tool and offer them an endless service (24 x 7).

The self-booking solution deployed by Amadeus allowed Swiss Andina to concentrate strategy in major accounts and increase satisfaction level, with great service and costs reductions.

The challenge

Before implementing Amadeus eTravel Management (AeTM) in 2010, Swiss Andina’s corporate customers would made their requests by email, phone or even personally. The company sought a solution to complement this model and offer a better service to their customers, reducing costs and enabling a more strategic management.

With the AeTM installation, the agency sought to become a consultant, mainly focused on the customer’s strategy. Another goal was to satisfy all audiences, including employees initially resistant to the solution.

Here’s what the Amadeus eTravel Management enables customers to:

AeTM is an enterprise solution which allows users to plan, book and purchase itineraries online, integrating all elements of a trip: policy, preferred suppliers, negotiated fares etc.


The joint work of Amadeus and Swiss Andina resulted in the implementation of the solution to clients as important as Grupo Mundial, which has already exceeded 70% of use.

According to Juan Valente, project manager at Swiss Andina, “the secret of success lies in the fact that travel agents have turned into consultants, not in charge of processing the booking and ticketing. Corporate agencies must be aware of the importance of generating relevant information to customers, seeking new accounts and making effective monitoring. Therefore, it is very important to have account managers dedicated to the companies”.

Lucía Londoño, travel manager from Grupo Mundial said “that in projects such as big as this it is crucial to commit all employees, because “it is a necessity for everybody”.

To encourage the use of the solution, there was the creation of a campaign called “Aeromundial” on the company’s website.

Company Andercol has also benefited from the system, with savings up to 30%, according to travel manager Mary Urrego.


AeTM is a tool for self-management of bookings used by more than 4,500 enterprises worldwide, and more than 4.5 million passengers by year.

With a new interface, AeTM has all the functionality to manage a trip: reservations, changes of itinerary, reviews, profile management etc. Everything is grouped into a single interface, with the following elements:

– Shopping Basket: where you set up a trip and include items related to passenger

– Screens in calendar format: for an accurate and clear planning

– Feature for frequent travelers: faster bookings using the regular passenger’s info


The first results were economic and qualitative benefits, since the solution is always available, wherever the user wants, which caused a dramatic cost reduction.

Other benefits:

• The reports allow the finance department to discuss the impact reserves and rates have had in the results, and to analyze booking behavior, in order to continuously improve management

• 30% of savings with AeTM

• High customer satisfaction, because they managed to make their own reservations, compare rates, plan trips and create routes

• Having promotional fares available in the solution was a great benefit to the business, because users could directly see availabilities and book in an instant

• Full support from Swiss Andina and availability to process bookings at the right time

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